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No offense here, but you all need to calm down, is it me? or did suddenly a war break out? I don't know, but you ever even wanna try to have some kind of happy year, then why don't you just move on, and try not to bring down other people (this whole thing applies to everyone), there's a thing out there, its called a world, maybe you all need to see what its really like, not like anything matters between you all. But I've seen you as great and very close friends to each other, why don't you ever try to keep it that way? If you all were great friends, then accept each other for who you are. And if you all don't wanna be great friends, then why go after the onlookers? And if you wanna go after me for this, then fine, because I don't care, I've said what I've said and I'm off away from this shithole, the drama is hurting more than just the few of you down.

Life is great, accept it, don't push it away in you're own stubbornness.
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Blah blah blah, some stuff about writing 20 facts down about yourself. Ok, lets get down to business:

(Since I'm so stupid about LJ, I won't be doing the little subpage thing then)

1) I'm 100% obsessed with track, when the season is on, I have no life or thing to talk about but track.
2) I spend hundreds of dollars on a hobby that I participate in around 1-2 times a month. cough airsoft cough
3) I work at Fry's Marketplace, I love how lazy I can be, but I hate the job at the same time (SO CONFUSING!)
4) I love computer games, but I barely get to play them
5) I'm obsessed with hanging out with my friends
6) I get turned on.............extremely easily, and when I say extremely, I mean it
7) I talk too much, and I don't even pay attention to what I'm saying
8) Even though I have an attachment to the house I'm living in, I cannot wait to move (in about a month)
9) I haven't gotten a new set of clothes in about 6-8 months
10) I do not believe in an afterlife, whatsoever, I think it is a stupid idea that people came up with because they were afraid to die, I believe that I will either just die and its all over, or I will be born again in another body with no memory of my last life
11) I am sober, and trying my best to stay that way (probably will too), alchohal just ain't my thang
12) I'm running out of ideas to type
13) I hate suspense in movies
14) I'm Jewish, but I don't go to temple, haven't gotten my bar mitzvah, and don't believe in heaven.
15) I'm a rationalist
16) I like trying urban jogging every night I'm out with my friends, its hurts to mess up
17) This is starting to feel more like a dating service ad
18) Did I say I'm obsessed with track?
19) I actually don't try to be funny, I'm just the way I am, I can't help it if a joke is extremely dumb, its just me
20) I get extremely pissed when people say I don't love Britney, its probably the only thing that will actually get me to punch someone, because I know I truly do love her :)

Oh and by the way, I'll be in Japan from the 15th through the 20th, I'll try to get a list of pictures of the place.

Stuff again

So I found out a while ago that I'm running the 400m Sprint at Regionals. I know I probably won't be making it to Finals considering I'm facing all of the people who normally would be on Varsity during the season. But it feels good to actually compete.
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Stuff on Sunday

I did something that I never thought I would ever do today. I actually got off my ass and cleaned up my room. That was so weird, and when I was cleaning I was wearing my tactical vest I wear when I airsoft. That would have been awkward if someone saw me.
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I MADE VARSITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

Ok so guess what!

I made Varsity!!!! So here's how it went: I had just ran the 400m dash (My time was 56.31 seconds and I got 5th), I had already done my Long Jump jumps (my highest was 17'3" where I think I got 1st or 2nd, I'll find out tomorrow). So I was pretty tired, or at least out of breath. And so my coach told me to go up to my mark on the triple for me to jump (we get three jumps), and so my first one kinda sucked because I was practically on the 32' board when I was supposed to jump off the 28' board. And Coach Mathews (she was my 6th grade Science teacher) told me to go off the 32' board because I was practically on it. I did jump, but I scratched, and it didn't bother me too much, I knew that was gonna be a bad jump. And finally on my third jump after a few small adjustmants on my distance from the board, I started off, but on this jump I ran a lot harder toward the board. And once I hit that mark I did the usual hop, step, and jump. After I landed they measured it and found out my mark was 37'4". And so Coach Mathews told me I'm going to practice because I'm going to the Varsity meet as a back-up jumper. I know back-up jumper doesn't mean much, but it does mean that I'm officially Varsity. I am too excited. I do get two more weeks of practice, but hey, I'm Varsity now, I even get the Varsity uniform :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Ok yeah, I know, that was a really really long explanation, but I wanna see your excitement at getting Varsity.

Oh and here are my placings at the meet:

Long Jump: 1st or 2nd (17'3" jump)
400m: 5th (56.31 seconds)
Triple Jump: No placing but moved to Varsity (37'4")
4x400m Relay: My team got 2nd (I don't know the time yet)

Hey Brit, I did it all for you <3